Food waste is gross, we can do better.

Lomi takes care of your food waste so you can spend time on things you actually enjoy.

More than 60,000 units sold.


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How it works

  • Fill

    Put all of your food scraps, coffee grounds, and even your old Pela case into Lomi

  • Transform

    Push the button and Lomi works its magic to breakdown your waste.

  • Reclaim

    The dirt Lomi makes can go into your indoor plants, your garden, your green bin, or even into the garbage.

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Food waste is gross. We can do better.

No more smelly, leaky garbage, or throwing food scraps away to rot in landfills. With Lomi, you'll be able to turn your waste into nutrient-rich dirt.

Simplify the way you deal with waste while giving back to the earth.

How Lomi works.

Lomi speeds up the breakdown of organic waste into smaller fragments - similar to how earthworms break down and mix plant tissue into soil, except Lomi does this without the smell and mess! Fragmented waste provides more surface area for microbes to accelerate the composting process. The end result is a natural source of soil nutrients that increase the organic content of soil, helping boost plant growth and soil enrichment.

What goes in Lomi?

Lomi can reduce your waste footprint by up to 50%

- Fruits and Veggies

- Animal Products

- Food

- Yard waste

- All Lomi Approved products

Pela takes our commitment to the planet and our community seriously. This means that we commit a portion of our revenue to offsetting all of our carbon emissions.

We have been third-party certified to adhere to the highest standards in how we treat our workers, partners, community and environment.

Get rid of your food waste

Over 1 million people trust Pela's eco-friendly products

We started Pela over 8 years ago with the world's first compostable phone case.

Since then, we've made millions of products for over a million happy customers, and we've saved more than 48,000,000 bags worth of plastic from ever being produced.

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* A Lomi Deposit is a non refundable inventory reservation that allows us to anticipate inventory demands and allows you to secure an earlier shipping window. If you wish to cancel your Lomi reservation your deposit is non-refundable. If you wish to return your Lomi after you receive it, your full order will be refunded including the deposit amount. Applicable taxes will be charged on the full amount when the product is ready to ship.