Our Sustainability Strategy

Our Footprint
Our Impact

Your Impact

1 Million People

More than one million people have switched to Pela, which equates to 587,280 pounds of plastic that was prevented from entering the waste stream. It’s a great start and going forward, we hope to create bigger impact with the support of our community.

Our Mission

1 Billion Pounds of Plastic

Our goal is to remove 1 billion pounds of plastic from the waste stream by 2028. It's ambitious but with the support we've been getting from our community, and the help and awareness being built by our partners, this goal is a real possibility. We dream of a waste free future and part of that requires us turning off the tap on plastics entirely.

Our Impact

While the products we design are impactful on their own, we believe good business and doing good are the same thing.  Here’s a little summary of the impact our community has had so far. 

  • $536,196

    donated to grassroots environmental groups through 1% For The Planet.

  • $20,000

    donated to MedShare to help COVID-19 relief efforts.

  • $41,000

    donated to Support + Feed to provide plant-based meals to communities in need during the COVID-19 crisis.

  • 30,224

    people in Kenya given access to clean water for a year through ME to WE.

  • 166,810

    waves saved (16.68 ocean ecosystems protected).

  • 49,082

    feet of surf coastline preserved and conserved.