Lomi Reviews

More than 60,000 people have already purchased Lomi and thousands are already turning their food waste into dirt at the push of a button.

Below you'll find real customer testimonials, social posts, and some in-depth media reviews.

  • Rachelle B.


    “omg Lomi is AMAZING!!! I used a friend's for a couple weeks while house sitting and decided right then and there it was happening, and I’m obsessed.”

  • Christine L.


    “Lomi has been great! The biggest benefit we see is that it compacts our food waste into a much smaller volume, and we love that it's low odor.”

  • Jason R.


    “What is this sorcery?? 🧙‍♂️ In goes a bucket full of food waste and out comes a handful of ‘dirt’.”

  • Jaclyn R.


    “Two young constantly snacking children is no joke when it comes to food waste let me tell yah. Admittedly, as the boys get older, their food waste has been driving me nuts. As a family we’ve been going full nerd mode on turning our household food waste + anything compostable into literal DIRT at the end of our days with this UNBELIEVABLE (quite truly) machine whipped up by a few ingenious trailblazers”

  • Leila G.


    “@getlomi, this thing is insane. We have chickens so we feed them all our good scraps, but plenty of our food waste is not chicken friendly. I fill Lomi up with all kinds of food scraps, egg shells, coffee ground even BIO PLASTICS… I wait until first thing in the morning to run her (note my bed hair) so that she’s running off of our solar panels- and just 6 hours later I have fresh compost to be turned into our soil for the garden! You can even compost your old iPhone @pelacase in here. Eliminating food waste and feeding our garden, this is the future 🥰”

  • Trevor M.


    “We, as a family, try to be conscious about our decisions and how it’s going to impact the environment. We have tried composing the old fashioned way, but the mix is tricky to get right and the raccoons seem to get more out of it than our gardens. Just got this cool new gadget from @getlomi and it’s so cool! The kiddo is super excited about it and is all about “can this go in Lomi?” We even put in an old @pelacase and it’s now in our garden!”

  • Sarah W.


    “food waste 👉🏽garden soil overnight 🤩 it’s a freaking miracle.”

  • Mary Jane D.


    “The number one benefit of Lomi has been to reduce the mess and odor of our food scraps and plate scrapings.”

  • Maureen R.


    "Worth the wait. Using it for a month now. Very impressed. We were looking for a condo compost solution ( i have a large rooftop patio with a lot of trees and plants, so I have a use for it, plus our condos green waste bin is gruesomely disgusting.) The final product is really amazing. Usually ends up smelling faintly like Onion soup mix."

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  • "This sleek countertop composter from Pela, turns scraps into soil with the push of a button."

  • "After spending two weeks using the Lomi, I can report that it does what it's supposed to, felt great to cut down on my carbon footprint -- and I had fun with it, too." 

  • "Lomi is an innovative new way to have a positive impact on the environment and your home."