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The easiest way to compost at home

Lomi takes care of your food waste so you can spend time on things you actually enjoy.

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Yes, you can compost if you live in an apartment

No matter how small your space, Lomi offers an earth-friendly way to dispose of your waste.

Eliminate waste at the push of a button

Lomi uses a combination of heat, abrasion, and oxygen to simulate the composting process and quickly break down waste, while maintaining the most important nutrients. Just feed the dirt to your houseplants or balcony garden after Lomi is finished.

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Reserve your Lomi to claim the next available unit.

Orders placed by March 15th will be fulfilled before May 15th.

In as little as 4 hours

Break down waste quickly and easily

Just fill Lomi, push the button to start, then reclaim your waste. Lomi is able to break down up to 2L of waste and reduce its volume by up to 90%.


What goes in Lomi?

More than 50% of what you currently throw away can be composted in Lomi

- Fruits & Veggies

- Animal Products

- Food

- Yard waste

- All Lomi Approved products

Are you ready to reduce your waste footprint by up to 50%?

So much of what we currently send to landfills can actually be returned to the earth, in a more eco-friendly way.

Fits any space

Lomi can hold up to 2L of waste, but its still compact enough to fit into apartments of nearly any size.

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